Get Creative with Fashion!


Pair up with bright accessories. If your closet is full of neutral colors like navy, camel, and gray or black, you can add energy through wearing boldly hued bags and shoes. These brightly colored accessories won’t only make you look livelier but also brings versatility to your aura. If you are brave enough, you can wear a neutral base of outfit with a bag and shoes in different colors for a unique you.

Think in multiple pieces. If you find the dress you bought has a very flattering fit and everybody seems to notice, then you can go ahead and buy for doubles with different colors.

Hem your pants according to the height of your shoe. According to a known stylist, the biggest mistake that most women make is when they wear pants that are not the right length when matched to their shoes. To fix this problem, you should hem to either flats or heels and no going back. The hems of your pants should only graze the tops of the shoes and must be ½ to ¾ inch off the ground.

Making the Most out of What You Have


You don’t have to be a supermodel in order to have a unique fashion of your own. Heck, all men and women, regardless of their size can look good with some effort. Even these guys!

But this post is about women. Every woman deserves to be appreciated in every way they do. And in order to be appreciated in this world where full of Barbie dolls, you should know what are the important stuffs every woman should have. Here are few tips for your every day get up:

Strategically show your skin. Looking truly sexy includes knowing how and what to show, as well as what part of your body needs to be kept under wraps. Other, what will be the mystery? According to the experts, you have to choose only one body part to show off. It it’s your cleavage, wrap your legs. It you want to show your legs then let your top stay covered. It’s its your hair, apply some mira hair oil and let it shine!

Round up with those while button-downs. They keep ball skirts from drifting and they also elevate jeans. This outfit usually comes at a cost because of its short shelf life. You can buy three pieces but don’t over bleach as it can be a cause of yellowing. You also need to refresh regularly to avoid the sweat mess up with the fiber.

More Fashion Tips


Design doesn’t stop at shoes. It also applies to your body. As the inspirational quotes go, “Inside beauty is the only fashion that will never go out of style.”

Wear a scarf. According to the experts, it is one of the ultimate accessories that never fade. Stash one in your bag or you can just carry it on so you can transform your simple Ts in time you need it the most.

Go Hands-free for an evening party. A bag with chain can help you hold a cocktail and crudités. In addition to that, it also lends a very edge to your evening wear. You can wear the chain bag diagonally across your body so you can have a classy effect.

Consider the care needed for every piece you wear. Before you purchase an item, you should try gauging first how it will hold up after few washing. Also, don’t buy those clothes that you can’t take care of. If you think you can’t hand-wash a fancy bra or that embellished sweater, then you might switch on finding something else.

Embrace your own shape. Once you already know what silhouettes flatter you the most, then you should go for it. In fact, if you are having a shapely or petite body, it is best to prevent from using billowy maxis and tall columns even you love to do so. You can go for a fabulous dress with a more defined waist and has a hem above the knee.

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How to Choose a Pink Diamond


In choosing a pink diamond ring, it is important to know that these types of diamonds come in different shades. The most common are the light pinks. They vary from light to extremely deep pink. They also appear in intense pink colors and vivid pink colors. The stronger the color, the rarer it is.

You might be wondering how much they cost and where to buy them?

Pink diamonds are one of the priciest jewelries in the market today; however, the prices vary dependent on its supply and quality. Prices can break records; the latest most expensive sale costs an approximate of US$45.6 million at a Science Auction in the US. It was graded and described as a Fancy Intense Pink Diamond. Oh yes, it’s true. Women don’t just want your words of love and desire-they want the finer things in life, too!

Not all pink diamonds are as expensive as the one mentioned above. In fact, the prices vary vastly depending on its rarity. The cost of the fancy pink types is almost the same to the price range of yellow diamonds. The most valuable are those that have intense vibrant pink tones that have prices equal to blue diamonds. Lighter pink tones are less costly. On the other hand, heavy and saturated pinks and purplish pinks are the most valued among the group. Nonetheless, some pinkish diamonds can still be economical in price and are as affordable as white diamonds.

Pink diamonds are so rare and exquisite; looking for them in a local jewelry shop might just disappoint you. To find them, you have to search for the finest jewelry stores or you can also find them online. Most internet sellers’ posses the same quality and standards there are in some retail jewelry shops; however, it can be more challenging because you can’t be sure about its quality and authenticity. So, in the same way that you’d look for a dentist (try this site for more information, you need to be wise and research on these online jewelry shops.

Some details on Pink diamonds


If you are looking for something unique and distinct, considering pink diamonds might be one of the greatest ideas for a wedding or an engagement ring. Not only are they rare but they are also very beautiful.

Pink diamonds are not synthetic or man-made. They are one of the rarest gems in the planet and are one of the most highly sought diamonds in jewelry stores. This type of diamond developed its natural color under certain geological conditions deep inside the ground. Additionally, these kinds of diamonds have become more accessible to the everyday person as the number of loans being taken out in order to purchase them have increased 3x since 2000, which can lead people into bankruptcy problems after too long. I heard a story about a pair of Florida George Line tickets that sent one couple into $3000 into debt, for example.

Argyle Diamond Mine (ADM) is the biggest mining company of pink diamonds. ADM is located in Australia which is the leading source of pink diamonds. Borneo, Brazil, India, and South Africa are some of the other countries which are considered the greatest sources. Because of their scarcity, they can be very costly and expensive.